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World's first car buying technology - combining consumer experiences, expert insights & artificial intelligence.

Our innovations so far...


First to capture consumers experience

Over 1 million interactions of consumer experiences with vehicle, categorized in various car factors - features, parts, problems. Using data science & AI.


First to combine experts opinion

We have combined hundred of automotive experts tested cars opinion into scores / ratings.


AI to read and understand consumer reviews

Using artificial intelligence to read consumer reviews, their experience, sentiment to help car shopper take better decision from others experience.


Analytics for better recommendation to buyer

We have developed car pricing engine and recommendation engine for car shoppers from thousand of cars data and data science.


Social media to actionable insights for brands

Our analytics engine unearth entire internet, social media to know buyer's purchase intention, their needs, expectation about their future car purchase from their social media share.


Brand experience - buying & after purchase

We listen to buying experience & after purchase consumers experience to aware future buyers about the brand & suggest brand to improvement using analytics.

About Us

Jatin Thakur

CEO CarBirbal.com

CarBirbal.com is your trusted advisor - we have everything you need to find your perfect new or used car in one place. No matter where you are in the car shopping process, we can help.
A new car can be the most exciting purchase you make, but also the most stress-ful. Buyer starts with 4-5 cars in his consideration set & it's tough to final the perfect car. So buyer spends on an average 19 hours of time doing online research over a 3 month time period, reads lots about cars - specification, features, comparisons, hundred of expert/consumer reviews but still confused. This is terrible.
We are here to change that.

Our aim is to well informed car buyers, make them more confident about the car model before visiting a dealer showroom. We are using advanced analytics, data science, artificial intelligence and many digital technologies to remove clutter, lack of information to ease your car buying experience into a delightful journey.
We love to hear from you.
Email: info@carbirbal.com