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What is Smart Research?

We have analyzed expert's opinions, thousands of consumers reviews, social media, safety ratings, surveys, OEMs data to give you 360 car research. Smart research saves your time, and give you detailed report about car from thousand of other consumers.

What is Intelligent Buying Report?

Car buying is second big investment after home, so this needs to be perfect. Intelligent car buying report, let you to know in advance how this car is compatible with your needs, budget & preferences. This is a predictive algorithm, based on data science and AI, based on diverse knowledge base.

What is AI powered advisor?

Car buying is difficult and stressful. Every buyers start with 4-5 cars in his consideration set but can't decide till end which to choose. We developed AI powered technology that predict the most compatible car for the buyer. It learns from other consumers, car feature and match with current user to find his perfect car.

What is Premium Report?

World's first car buying technology - combining consumer experiences, expert insights & artificial intelligence. It captures thousand of consumer interaction with their vehicle, so that future buyer can take better decision from other experience.

What is CB Score ?

CB Score stands for Car Buying Score. Car buying score is calculated from various experts opinion. Different experts test car and give scoring accordingly, CB score is summarized score for all factors combined.

What is semantics analysis ?

Its not enough to calculate only consumer sentiment, we go deep down with data and find what is said about what. From brand experience, car feature, part, after sales service. we managed to capture all interaction and categorize into thousand of classes.

How do expert rate car?

Experts put themselves in consumers shoes and analyze car based on various factors like comfort, features, engine, practicality, value for money etc. For example. Comfort: Points can be earned or lost based on comfort in the front seats, back seats, or third-row seats (where applicable); good or bad interior storage; and good cargo capacity. Cars, SUVs, or trucks with significant cargo capacity can earn an additional point. Features: Cars with excellent base equipment earn a point above average. Extra points can be added for exceptional available features, good customization options, good infotainment systems with screens larger than 5.0 inches, and good warranty or service programs. Cars may lose points for sub-standard or expensive features; bad feature packages; poor relative value; or bad warranty or service availability.

How do we do it?

We use big data to process and get insights from data. Our engine captures data from entire internet looking for key words, terms, consumer sentiments. We have a suit of analytics tools based on NLP, artificial intelligence, we use to learn from data. A number of digital technologies are used to represent data in format that can be understood by a common person.